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Blossom Honey

Blossom Honey has a goal of providing the purest and most life changing natural honey products to you, Blossom Honey is the newest and most exciting brand it was created and based right here in the UAE!

From the hive to the table, Blossom Honey is dedicated specialists and delivers 100% Yemeni Raw Honey in the most supreme quality. After performing lengthy and intense research, Blossom Honey found and cooperated with the best Apiarists (Bee Keepers) available in Yemen. These Yemeni artists work tirelessly and with great care, sharing their generational traditions, rich heritage and fiery passion when they craft your honey.

Blossom Honey explored far and wide, searching from the tallest mountains to the most remote islands for the top quality, most powerful and purest raw Yemeni honey available anywhere! then brought it to you in a beautiful way to please your senses, straight from nature, so you can enjoy the superior taste and amazing benefits of Blossom Honey too!Blossom_Honey-1

Location: Ground floor
Tel: +971 554149814
Instagram: @blossomhoneyuae
Facebook: Blossom Honey