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Al Motahajiba

Today Al Motahajiba is the most famous and glamorous brand name in the fashion design sphere among Arab women. Our unique line represents the Gulf style in the fashion world that is expanding beyond the borders of the region.

In less than 30 years, Al-Motahajiba became a very well known brand in the entire Middle East. With 36 branches operating in eight countries in the GCC and MENA region, we are keen to expand and new projects are underway. The in vogue and latest indoor and outdoor ladies’ garments are created by our in-house designers and manufactured in our own factory in Doha.

L: Ground floor
T: +971 4 342 1133

Dubai Mermaids

Dubai Mermaids is the very first company to design and produce the fins and costumes in the UAE. This means that the mermaid tails and suits are available within a few days of purchase, and what is more can be customized. Discover a mystical range of colors and patterns. Dubai Mermaids specialists constantly import textiles and colors in line with the latest trends and styles in fashion to compile their exclusive collections.

L: Basement
T: 0567785736



First Choice

First Choice designs contemporary abayas and shaylas which are produced in-house.  First Choice designs and produces some of the region’s most popular haute-couture and local dresses for women: Weaving and combining colours are the key words that best describe their collections.  The inspiration for the clothing is drawn from numerous regional, cultural and extravagant styles, offering elegance and luxury.

First Choice designers combine different styles and fabrics to ensure unique pieces.  It became the first shop in the region to introduce fashion into abaya designs using, lace, silk and other soft fabrics.

For 2013 First Choice has introduced the ‘n’ collection, a series of one-off designs inspired by the fashions of London, Paris, Milan and New York and brought to life as signature abayas’ by a young Emirati designer.

Today, First Choice has five shops in the UAE.  The company employs over 100 highly skilled staff in its factory located in Abu Dhabi.  It was founded and designed by the Al Mubarak Family


L: Ground Floor
T: +971 4 344 9194

Opening Times:

Saturday – Thursday: 10am -10pm

Friday: 2pm- 10pm