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Marie Claire

Since its inception in the United Arab Emirates in 1974, Marie Claire has developed a renowned reputation for offering mid to high-end products, in line with its consistent objective of leading the market in quality fashion. To cover a broad range of tastes and styles, the company imports and produces several selected brands, all of which are from major European suppliers.

At Marie Claire, we are constantly upgrading & refining our operations, to ensure each customer enjoys a consistency positive experience when visiting our stores, and an environment conducive to high team productivity within the company. As a business entity, we remain committed to corporate and social responsibility.

Marie Claire employees are diverse in many ways, reflecting the culture of the United Arab Emirates as well as the rest of the Gulf region and the wider Middle East. Our team members posses a variety of skills, backgrounds, perspectives and lifestyles.

The company is active in the wholesale as well as the retail sectors. The wholesale division successfully reaches all parts of the United Arab Emirates and has also made permanent inroads into Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the retail division focuses on its branches, strategically located in Mirdiff and Jumeriah.

L: Ground floor
T: +971 4 342 9776


A contemporary gift wrapping store with a novel take on wrapping.

Inspired by the Japanese art of Furoshiki (wrapping with fabric), MASKA offers a selection of stunning fabrics to wrap your gifts with, giving you a unique gift that would make your loved ones feel special. Paper wrappings are also available.

You can personalize your gift by selecting from a range of decorative ribbons & trinkets. Our in-store gift-wrappers are always available for guidance in case you needed some inspiration.

MASKA is an environmentally conscious brand. We see our fabric wraps as part of your gift, not something to dispose of. Our fabrics are reusable and can make stunning home or personal accessories.

Make your gift beautifully unique, visit us at MASKA.

L: Ground floor